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‘Something about Kaz’s personality makes me NOT stop reading her articles.’ – Azelle

My newsletter, Clattermouth, is where you’ll find my (candid, irreverent, utterly spellbinding, etc.) writing on several topics. Namely:

  • My own life, work and business
  • Writing craft, creativity, productivity
  • Confidence, self-acceptance, unconventional living
  • Pop culture (mostly video games and books)
  • Any other crap I wanna write about, like zeitgeisty phenomena

I go deep but tread with levity and lightness, lest I inflict myself (or anyone else) with an existential crisis.

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Yeah, it’s neon green. Sorry.

People seem to really like it.

‘I’m trying too hard to sound cool in this email because holy shit, you are just so cool. Your advice is the most realistic, empathetic, actionable and actually hilarious stuff.’ – Ada

‘I love to read and feel what you’re going through as a professional writer. It’s no fairytales and other crap about how beautiful and easy everything is.’ – Anon

‘You talk to me like a friend, not a high and mighty perfect expert, and I look forward to reading about what you’ve been up to, the good and the bad.’ – Anon

‘Thanks for consistently putting good shit in my inbox. You are literally the only newsletter type thing I read all the way to the end every time.’ – Sarah

‘I love your intolerance for all things bullshit. Thanks for being alive and dishing out your good shit. Fan for life.’ – Suzanne

‘You’re flippant, funny, and totally awesome. I enjoy your adventures and insights.’ – Amy

‘You actually talk about being human. We’re always told our professional appearance should be more buttoned-up. Which means no swearing, no talking about the meaning of life and definitely no admitting to staying in your pyjamas all day.’ – Anon

‘I just had to tell you that I love reading your emails! I love your honest voice and always find something to think about from you.’ – Rajashree

‘I love your emails! They’re entertaining and include useful stuff I actually want to read. So it’s the only one out of all the emails I’m signed up to that I actually look forward to opening.’ – Dawn

‘You’re awesome, Kaz. I love your emails and admire your vulnerability. I appreciate what you do!’ – Lindsey

‘You are one of the few newsletters I subscribe to and actually read because you are real, honest and share your personal struggles.’ – Anon

‘I LOVE getting your emails because they make me laugh, and they keep me updated on everything you have been up to.’ – Anon

‘Yes! Loving this! I didn’t realise how much I missed your newsletters. Great to see you back in my inbox. I just subscribed for more potty-mouthed insights.’ – Graeme

‘Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying Clattermouth. I previously was on your mailing list and always enjoyed your emails and the new list provides lots of food for thought. Keep up the good work!’ – Dave

‘Just wanted you to know that I’ve watched loads of slimy webinars and signed up for probably 40 email lists – you’re the first to get my real email address instead of my spam account in months. Looking forward to watching you be you and feeling inspired to just be me.’ – Michelle

‘Hi Kaz, I really needed this one today. Feeling overwhelmed by life, I was busily unsubscribing from email lists, and your words jumped out at me. Clearly I didn’t hit that unsubscribe link as I had planned to. You’re awesome and I just wanted to send a rare email (I almost never do) just saying for you to keep being you in all your honest and shit-kicking way. Thank you.’ – Rachel