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Conversational copywriting to make your brand feel human.

Are you after some copy for your business (or other organisation) that sounds professional – but not boring? Perfect. Hello. Welcome. I’ve been waiting for you (in a completely normal and relaxed way).

Let’s not waste time:

I specialise in writing copy that’ll leave your readers feeling like they’ve just spoken to an actual human who they like and can trust, which is a good way to get people to buy into what you’re offering.

This will probably be copy for your website, app, or brochure, but if there’s something else you need, there’s no harm in asking.

I (usually) don’t write anything that requires ongoing content creation, such as blogs or social media posts, with the exception of newsletters. And I definitely don’t write anything generic, bland, cliched, jargon-filled, or buzzword-centric.

I primarily write for personal brands, small businesses, charities, and academics, which means if you’re looking to totally overhaul your corporate identity in an attempt to transform your biz into the next Apple, I am not the one for you.

Kaz understands who you are and what you need almost from minute one.

The first draft turned up and I was blown away. If you want a website that stands out from all those mundane sites we see every day, contact Kaz – you will not be disappointed.

— Rick Fawcett, Cabinet Maker

Why me, specifically?

  • Been doing this since 2012
  • First-class degree in Journalism
  • Guest lecturer in copywriting at Edinburgh College
  • Wrote for The Guardian once upon a time
  • Fun and easy to work with
  • Love a deadline
  • Often respond to emails ON THE SAME DAY (unless you’re my accountant, sorry)
  • Judging by my past clients’ experiences, people will probably go out of their way to tell you how great your copy is after I’ve written it

Since using what she wrote for me, both my courses have sold out on multiple occasions.

I’ve hired Kaz to write sales pages for me. I’m stoked at how the writing still sounds like me and gets across exactly the information I need it to.
— Sophie Playle, Liminal Pages

What you can expect if we work together.

  1. A chat
    Phone, email, Zoom, face-to-face – one way or another, I’ll grill you (er, nicely) to find out everything I need to know. I may record our conversation, and I may ask you to send me documents or notes or examples of copy you really like. If our goal is to get your voice on the page, we’ll need to converse with our vocal chords so I can get a handle on who you are and how you speak.
  2. First drafts
    I’ll pick out the salient parts of our conversation, write them up, and structure them in a logical order that guides the reader to where you want them to be (in most cases this means hyped and ready to buy from/hire you). After a quick polish, I’ll send these initial drafts to you for review.
  3. Your feedback
    You’ll go through the copy to see what you like and don’t like. If there’s anything that feels off, you’ll let me know in whatever way’s easiest for you – comments directly on the documents, email, or a chat.
  4. Edits and final drafts
    I’ll implement the changes we discussed, then we’ll go back and forth editing the drafts until we end up with copy you’re happy with. (This typically does not take long.)
  5. Publish!
    You can do this whenever you want. The copy is in your hands now! But, you know, the sooner the better. Then watch as the customers and compliments to roll in.

A former colleague told me: ‘It’s genius! LOVE your writing style.’

Thought you might like to know, since the writing style was all yours! Don’t tell me off for the long gap since I last blogged – I’ve been so busy with paid work that I haven’t been keeping up with it properly.

— Eleanor Ryan, Glen Shuraig Consulting

Money and other awkward topics.

Just the money stuff, actually.

My minimum project fee is £1,000.

To give you an idea of what that would cover, a simple website package (featuring the core pages you’d expect) comes in at around £2,500.

You’ll need to sign an agreement and pay a 50% deposit to reserve your spot on my calendar.

If you’re on a budget and can’t justify full copywriting, you may get similar results by writing the copy yourself then having me critique or edit it.

The writer didn’t just have flair, she had a way with words that was magnetic.

That writer was Kaz Marston. We hired her and in the first week of our new copy going live we had two excellent business leads as a result. More importantly, I felt like our brand had a voice, and our voice suddenly had a brand. As investments go, worth every penny.
— Andrew McGarry, The McGarry Agency

Shall we, then?

If you like the cut of my gib (hey, it likes you too) and are interested in hiring me to write your copy, fill in this form to get started. You can also email me directly at if that’s more your thing.