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‘The writer didn’t just have flair, she had a way with words that was magnetic.’

Are you after some copy that sounds professional – but not boring? Perfect. Hello. Welcome. I’ve been waiting for you (in a completely normal and relaxed way). I specialise in three things:

  • Smart, witty web copy full of (your) personality
    Maybe you don’t have the time, maybe you tried to write it yourself and spontaneously erupted in flames, or maybe something extremely urgent and important crops up every single time you sit down to do it (weird). For whatever reason, your website needs a refresh, and you aren’t gonna be the one to do it.
  • Newsletters people read all the way to the end
    When was the last time you saw a blog? That’s right. You didn’t. Newsletters are the thing now. A direct line to your people, so you can keep them up to date on your industry, your offers, and whatever cute thing the office dog/cat/houseplant did that one time. I can help you decide what kind of newsletter you need, how often it should go out, and even set it up for you. Oh, and I can write it too. Obviously.
  • Conversational, accessible, and engaging longform copy
    Got a brochure, report, case study, or some other technical and/or complicated info that needs translating into normal-people speak? The kind of thing that’ll leave readers feeling like they’ve just spoken to an actual human who they like, trust, and (crucially) understand? You’re in the right place. Jargon, cliches and buzzwords are banned here 🙅🏻‍♀️

I honestly don’t know how she writes such engaging copy!

I’ve hired Kaz to write sales pages for me. Since using what she wrote, both my courses have sold out on multiple occasions. I’m stoked at how the writing still sounds like me and gets across exactly the information I need it to. It’s always fun to work with her, and it’s a good feeling knowing my business copy is in such safe hands.
— Sophie Playle, Liminal Pages

How I’ll make your copy worth reading.

1. Accessible

It’s not always easy to tell whether your copy makes sense to everyone else. It does to you, of course, because you know this subject inside out. But what about the rest of us? I’ll translate any jargon, ensure everything is clear and comprehensible, and make sure you get your point across in a way anyone can understand.

2. Engaging

This is the part that makes your copy not just understandable, but enjoyable. I’ll write in a lively, welcoming tone – so instead of feeling like someone is droning on at them, your readers will feel like they’re having a spirited, engrossing conversation with you.

3. Persuasive

Presumably you want to prompt someone to do something, whether that’s hiring you, buying from you, taking action on your recommendations, or something else. Easy enough when you know how. Which I do: I’ll ensure your copy is structured to deftly guide your readers towards your goal.

The copy strikes just the right tone – warm and friendly, yet professional.

The stories read well, so thank you for taking the time to understand the context. I appreciate you sorting out the matter of voice in particular. Speaking directly to the reader – i.e. ‘you’ and ‘your community’ – makes the brochure more friendly and accessible. Thanks too for correcting my olde English!!
— Giles Ruck, Foundation Scotland

Who am I?

I’m based in Edinburgh, Scotland, although I work with clients all over the UK and further afield, thanks to this little thing called the internet. I’ve been a copywriter for over a decade, and have a first-class degree in Journalism, which I feel I should mention because I spent all that time and money on it.

I’ve written for national newspapers, charities, universities, galleries, and many, many small business owners setting out to do work and life on their own terms. My clients include the Guardian, Manchester Art Gallery, the University of Stirling, Foundation Scotland, and the Energy Saving Trust, to name a few. If you want to see examples of my work, just ask.

The first draft turned up and I was blown away.

Kaz understands who you are and what you need almost from minute one. If you want a website that stands out from all those mundane sites we see every day, contact Kaz – you will not be disappointed.

— Rick Fawcett, Cabinet Maker

What you can expect if we work together.

Usually, things’ll go a little like this, but I can also attend events, conduct in-person interviews, and swing by your office if you’re in my radius.

  1. A chat
    Phone, email, Zoom, face-to-face – one way or another, I’ll grill you (…nicely) to find out everything I need to know. I may record our conversation, and I may ask you to send me documents or notes or examples of copy you really like. If our goal is to get your voice on the page, we’ll need to converse with our vocal chords so I can get a handle on who you are and how you speak.
  2. First drafts
    I’ll pick out the salient parts of our conversation, write them up, and structure them in a logical order that guides the reader to where you want them to be (in most cases this means hyped and ready to buy from/hire you). I’ll send these initial drafts to you for review.
  3. Your feedback
    You’ll go through the copy to see what you like and don’t like. If there’s anything that feels off, you’ll let me know in whatever way’s easiest for you – email, a chat, or comments directly on the documents.
  4. Edits and final drafts
    I’ll implement the changes we discussed, then we’ll go back and forth editing the drafts until we end up with copy you’re happy with. (This typically does not take long.)
  5. Publish!
    You can do this whenever you want. The copy is in your hands now! But, you know, the sooner the better. Then watch as the customers and compliments to roll in.

A former colleague told me: ‘It’s genius! LOVE your writing style.’

Thought you might like to know, since the writing style was all yours! Don’t tell me off for the long gap since I last blogged – I’ve been so busy with paid work that I haven’t been keeping up with it properly.

— Eleanor Ryan, Glen Shuraig Consulting

Let’s talk money.

My minimum project fee is £1,000.
My minimum monthly retainer fee is £350 (6+ months).

You’ll need to sign an agreement and pay a deposit to reserve your spot on my calendar. Retainers are paid in full in advance each month, and are particularly useful if you want to get a newsletter out consistently or spread the cost of a larger project.

Kaz’s key skill is translating more academic writing into easily accessible and punchy material.

She is incredibly easy to work with and makes the process simple. She was responsive, dedicated, and able to pick up quite diverse sets of data and translate them into accessible outputs. I would not hesitate to work with her again!

— Dr Vikki McCall, University of Stirling

Shall we, then?

If you like the cut of my gib (hey, it likes you too), fill in this form to get started. You can also email me directly at if that’s more your thing.

If I haven’t mentioned the type of copy you need but you’re still interested in working with me, give me a shout and let’s chat.

The writer didn’t just have flair, she had a way with words that was magnetic.

That writer was Kaz Marston. We hired her and in the first week of our new copy going live we had two excellent business leads as a result. As investments go, worth every penny.
— Andrew McGarry, The McGarry Agency