Battle For Love!


It was a dark and stormy afternoon, which was great news for Mr. Mop, because it meant that there was a lot of rain for him to clean up! You see, Mr. Mop lives in a little hut, so the rain seeps in quite easily. Unfortunately he had to get it cleared up very quickly, because his date would be arriving in a couple of hours! ‘I do hope it has stopped raining before 5 ‘o’ clock,’ he thought to himself, ‘for I wouldn’t want my ultimate plan for world domination to fail! Bwahahahaaaaaaa..!’




Nail Bat was zooming hurriedly around his treehouse, frantically searching for his polish, ‘Oh my, I can’t be late for my date,’ he worried. Eventually he stumbled upon his little bottle of the shine-inducing substance, ‘Ah, fabulous!’ And with that Nail was polishing himself up nicely. ‘Dumdeedum, I’ll be leaving in about half an hour! Afterall, it is *such* a long walk to Mr. Mop’s accommodation!




A knock at the door quite startled Mr. Mop, who had finally finished tidying up his home, although he should have been expecting it really, as his date was due to arrive any moment! He swept (heheh, PUN!) over to the door and pulled it open jovially, to be greeted with the angry looking Buster. ‘Would you be so kind as to keep the noise down? I am only next door, you know!’ Buster complained. (Buster lived in the green house next to Mr. Mop’s hut, you see.) With that Mr. Mop complied and sheepishly turned off his stereo. Buster left in a hurry.


Not two minutes later, there was another knock at the door! Pulling the door open, Mr. Mop was pleased to this time be faced with Nail. ‘Why hello, my darling,’ he murmured into Nail’s ear, ‘I’ve been longing for this moment.’ Nail blushed.


Mr. Mop and Nail sat down for dinner. They ate chilli dogs for the main course, and banana splits for desert! It was delightful. When they had finished their food, Mr. Mop started acting very aggressively and shaking Nail! It was most unpleasant! ‘Give me the security code for the planet’s mako access supply, or I shall tear all of your nails out one by one!’ Mr. Mop shouted. ‘Never!’ Nail screamed in reply, ‘oh, I should’ve known this date was all part of your secret plan for world domination!’


Hearing a commotion coming from Mr. Mop’s hut, Buster immediately rushed out of his green house and burst in through the hut’s door. ‘Unhand Nail Bat, you filthy scum,’ Buster demanded, ‘or I shall force you to do so!’ Mr. Mop cackled evilly, refusing to give in. With that, Buster pounced on Mr. Mop and they scuffled!


Buster won, of course, and Nail Bat was ever so thankful and grateful and in love, that he hugged and kissed Buster! ‘Oh, Buster, you’re my hero!’ he told him, with adoring eyes. Then he kissed him again! Buster returned the kiss! They lived happily ever after! Hurrah!