I Was Hired to Write for the Guardian – Here’s How It Went Down

NOTE: This was originally published on my old website in May 2018, after I first wrote for The Guardian. I have edited it slightly to make it, er, better. It all began one lazy February morning. There I was, sat in my pyjamas with my seventeenth cup of coffee close to hand, refreshing my email, Facebook and Twitter over and over again. Probably. I can’t remember. It was February. After I’d refreshed my inbox for the one thousand and sixty-fifth time, there it was, just sitting there. An email titled: Article for the Guardian? My eyes narrowed in suspicion. Probably. […]

Why I Changed My Pen Name to Something Less Professional

For the first eight years of my writing career, I wrote as Karen Marston. Now, as you may have guessed from the giant header or my new URL, I’m switching to Kaz Marston – even though I’m not sure it’s the best idea. I mean, isn’t it less professional? After all, the people who call me Kaz are the ones I’ve slinked into London casinos with at 2am after repairing the rips in our jeans with super glue and safety pins. They’re the ones I’ve smoked pot with on car bonnets while we marvelled at the dusty red haze of […]